In hot weather, JadeCooling out performs most competitors fabrics by 100% and the industry leader by more than 10%. The testing covered moisture wicking and overall cooling over a 90 minute testing period. (Note:  In very high humidity the towel may be less effective  as air flow and evaporation is needed for the wicking properties to be felt)

our customers love us

I use it every day I go to the gym--especially when
I lift weights.  It really works.

Anthony M. Chatsworth, Ca

 I used it to help bring down my arm swelling from carpal tunnel
problems. It worked!  Now I call it my "magic cloth".

Arlene P. Carlsbad, Ca

All natural cooling with real Jade

you have to feel it to believe it


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Our Jade Cooling products are manufactured in the USA with proprietary imported fabric


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